You’re looking for someone to help you with the marketing, communications, PR and planning of your latest artistic endeavor.

You’re looking for someone with arts experience in multiple disciplines – theatre, dance, music, visual arts and film. Someone who understands that your project isn’t cookie cutter, that it has a unique flavour and place in the arts and culture offerings of our city.

Perhaps you need assistance with securing media coverage, or in marketing your show to a new audience. Perhaps you want to keep the audience you have, and convert the uninitiated into long term supporters of you and your work. As media coverage lessens, perhaps you want to explore alternate avenues of publicity.

Maybe you want someone to come in and work with your Board or upper management to explain and explore your digital presence that engages Toronto’s  audiences at traditional online destinations including blogs, social networks and  web presence.

Maybe you want help in putting together a long-range plan for your projects, linking them to each other so that you have a year round presence, not just every-so-often.

And finally – you want someone who understands that time and money are tight – from experiencing life in the arts firsthand.

We’re glad you found us.