Deane Nesbitt Jr. Deane Nesbitt Jr. is a Canadian musician, composer and recording artist. His music has been aired on more than 300 radio stations across America. His latest CD, Music in Search of a Movie, won the Philby Award in the United States for being one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. The album ranked on five CMJ charts for New World Music, reaching one of the top three positions on each. 

Tracey Erin Smith From Fringe Festival favourite and award-winning performer Tracey Erin Smith a new show about prison, loneliness and all we do to survive this life. Developed with and directed by Sarah Garton Stanley. It’s a family you won’t want to miss, prisoners you will definitely want to meet and a bunch of others that will make you laugh and cry and hopefully do both at the same time all played by a performer who has inspired generations of solo storytellers in Canada and abroad. It’s all about The Big House, loss, regret and a never-ending search for a truth we can live with. Toronto Fringe Festival, JUly 2019

Tirgan Festival 2019 What’s in store for audiences at Tirgan 2019? Both ticketed and free events, with free childcare available for some, from musical masterpieces to kid-friendly entertainment to intellectually stimulating conferences to late night dancing under the stars - Tirgan has something for everyone!

Frog In Hand Productions If you aspire to create site-specific work, where do you get started? And what if you are a dancer seeking to learn more about acting? What if you are an actor seeking to deepen your movement practise? If you have considered any of the above questions, Frog in Hand’s week-long summer intensive, LeapFrog is for you! August 2019

(YDF) Your Dance Festival Your Dance Fest is an event all about you, the dance watching experts. From programming through to presentation it is a collaboration between artists and the community. August 2019

Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund (OCAF)
The Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund (OCAF) was established in 1999. It has two aims: to increase cultural tourism by providing investments to assist Ontario organizations to develop, promote and present one-off or first time events, or a significant expansion of existing activity, which are designed to attract new tourists and visitors to cultural events; and to increase the earned revenue capability of the applicant organization. Since 1999, the Government of Ontario has invested $32 million in the Fund and the success of the over 450 initiatives in which OCAF has invested has led to a healthy replenishment of the Fund for future projects. Attendance to OCAF funded events has reached 35 million to date. Ongoing.