Photo:2b Theatre Company, The Bridge

Social Media
While you are probably super-duper excited about your show posting about it everyday can be a drag. Coming up with fresh and catchy content and maintaining the discpline of posting everyday can be challenging. Fortunatley, we LOVE social media! We will create a customized strategy for you based on who you audience is and what your show is about. Then we will come up with some kick-ass content for your channels and schedule it in. Based on our experience we can also set-up social media swaps with other similar companies so you can reach audiences that may love what you're presenting but were unaware of your fantastic work.

We will also be more than happy to create your Facebook & Twitter campaigns. Just tell us what your budget is and we can probably find a way to reach your target audience through our thorough segmentation.

Adwords Campaigns
Google display ads are probably the most effective way you can get the word out about your show; (know those small ads that come up when you are reading your buzzfeed article? yep, that's what that is). We will monitor your campaign to make sure your coin is being well-spent. 

If you are a not-for-profit company, we can help get you set-up with a Google Grant that will give you $10,000 worth of free advertising through adwords. Doing this process alone can seem like going down a rabbit hole, happily, we've navigated it before and managed to successfully make it back to the surface with a functioning Google Grant account.

We've been in business for a coupla years now..In the process we've formed contacts in the media (print, radio, and online) and this has become a particularly strong suit for us. Clients come to us for their A to Z PR needs; we will finely craft a press release, send it out to our extensive media list, do follow-ups, create a press kit and even man the media desk!

Digital and Print Ad Buy
If you're going to spend some serious cash on digital or print advertising then you need to be sure you will get the most bang for your buck, this is specially true of advertising online where the options are numerous. We're happy to help ensure that your ad is as effective as it can be by placing it in the channels that will most likely reach your target audience.

Graphic Design
Know all those pesky Facebook banners, and program, online and twitter ads that you spend hours fighting with photoshop over? Yeah, we can turn those around for you, so you can put your focus back where it matter: on your art.